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This WEBSITE is designed for FREE Giving and sharing your Passions!

• Remember everything must be free for the gifts (no Money transaction ! – do not share any account / bank # or anything related to money transfer !)

For the Passions to SHARE : try to keep the cost (if any? ) to the lowest possible. The idea is to share with maximum people in a fun way, freely.

• Anything can be edited in your “user profile” anytime : Names, profile picture, gifts & passion details, etc…

Go to my profile
And save by using your Password for any changes

If you have created a gift with option “Lucky draw”, the winner will be automatically assigned (randomly) for the gift

If you have created a gift to be assigned by you: if you wish : You can choose the “receiver”
through website in the “user profile” Menu (TOP Right of the Website)

1 / go to User profile / My Gifts :

• Any gift already GIVEN / assigned will be automatically deleted after 1 week (if not already deleted by the creator)

Your PASSION can be edited any time through the website.
1/ go to user profile / My Passion(‘s)

2/ Then choose between 3 different options :

If you are in terested in any gifts from another user
Or want to participate in any activities
You JUST need to HIT the LIKE Button !!

• Any queries or request :
Go to : Contact us (link ) , on top of the HOMEPAGE

Enjoy & have FUN!

You can easily SHARE freely through FB and WhatsApp your GIFT(s) & PASSIONs and spread the word to a larger community! Just by clicking the link inside the website

Remember : it’s all about the giving
So we make the World a BETTER PLACE!

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