Presentation & Genesis

We want to create a new App to change the world !
An Application to help people to Give and to Share
100 % Free
An App to change the "way of thinking"
to see the world in a different Point of view
An App which will go Viral, since it's so obvious !
let's reverse the economic system !
let's create a new life, a second life for all the things we do not use anymore !
let's share and teach freely, with passion, what we love , for a better world !

Nothing can stop the new App :

A mobile App. to Give & Share, NO-thing to sale !

It's all about the Giving.
An App to Give anything and Share Passions !
100 % Free ! FREE-DOM

Something to give ?
Never been so easy !

Unleash your POWER !

!! This is a REVOLUTION !!

In this world, everybody wants to sale you something!

Everybody wants to get money from you, because they have the best new toy or gadget that you really need to get a better life, or maybe become Happier?!

Today we propose to give away what we do not use anymore ! for free, 0$, we all have stuff accumulated at the back of the garage, that we will never use anymore, still in good shape, we keep it because, maybe 1 day , we "might" need it !

Wrong ! There is no better feeling than to give away the things we do not use anymore and give them a second life !

There is no better sensation to give a bicycle to another kid who could not afford it, and see the smile on his face.

No better feelings than teach and share something we master & enjoy to educate people who cannot pay for it, or even don't even think about it !
you could be the hero who teach English on Kung-fu in the neighborhood (or both!).

Well, here we are, in this business world Economy driven frenzy, let's break the rules for once, let's create a new way to see the things, instead of trying to get few dollars for that old "fish tank" you kept already 5 years,
why not give it away and make somebody else’s day, maybe it could be the time for a great encounter, make friends, who knows....a great experience for sure !!

Maybe you have some medical stuff who could literally save somebody's else life ! or at least make it easier....

(a wheelchair perhaps ?)

Just like Charles Dickens said :
No one is useless in this world who lightens the burdens of another.

Off course some will try to get advantages to the situation, and maybe get something free to then try to sale it !
but let's try to be mature for once, and full of hope, let's believe the world is changing, and all together we can start a new "way of thinking", let's try to create more happiness and more sharing just to enjoy a little bit of peace

Just to show everybody that WE, all together are more than brainless consumer, running after the next thing to buy,
for a selfish single and ephemeral use.

The idea is very simple (just like the great idea!)

- I have something in good state that i don't use anymore, ANYTHING that I am ready to give away, depending on my social conditions, my incomes, my needs, etc....

I create an account in the Application and/or the WEBSITE :

Write my name or create a “nickname', mobile number
and E-mail address.
Add a Profile picture if possible, and that's it !

If people are interested : they just give me a LIKE !!

then I can choose who will receive it and organize a meeting for the gift!

- Let's say I am good to teach "English"
or “How to play CHESS”
And I have free time on the week end to help who needs / wants to learn?

Let's say I want to teach and share my passion for "painting" or "Karate", for free!

Then I can put it on the App/WEBSITE, create my profile, explain my skills and the "arts" I can “master" and see who is interested ? giving some LIKE’s ! after few replies, I can organize the meeting in the right place and start to teach for free !

This is all about: Giving & Sharing, with good intentions, for a better world, and less selfishness....

Once it will start, it will be like a Snow-ball and will have more impact than you think, creating more and more opportunities for all users, empowering new talents, and vibrate positivity around the world.

- it could be used at first Locally, in cities, across countries, and probably reach international donations, why not !

The Impact

• For a better world with more giving and more sharing
• for a second life for all the things we have and do not need anymore
• to Share our passions in a free & positive way
• This our first project and many others will arise, all projects will be on free access (more Apps) and all for the Fun ! to help people to enjoy their life and make them smarter, Follow us closely and you will see !
• All together we are stronger! let's change the way of thinking ! let's create a new system !

Other Ways You Can Help us

• PLease everybody : get the word out and make some noise !! about our WEBSITE / App !!
• USING FB page , sharing given gifts & passion

• Through WhatsApp to share with friends & colleagues
• THANKS FOR SHARING !! and reading !!

GOOGLE ANALYTICS to enhance communication